Consultations and Dispensary


All consultations are approx. 60 minutes. Dr. Roxanna believes in spending time with you to gather as much relevant information as possible and begin the process of determining the cause of your problem.

Your consultation will include an in-depth look at the main reason for your visit, a thorough check of your current health status, your medical and family history, and a holistic assessment of your physical, mental and emotional state.

A physical examination is also done and depending on the reason for your visit, you may be sent for blood tests, scans, or x-rays, or another testing may be recommended depending on what is pertinent to your reason for coming.  Each person is treated as an individual.

At the follow-up consultation, a similar holistic approach is used to evaluate changes to your health, and thus changes to your treatment.

This can be quite a dynamic process whereby different remedies can be prescribed, depending on the initial response.

The goal, where possible, is to get to take the least amount of medication needed to stay healthy in addition to healthy lifestyle changes needed.

Medical Aid

The practice is contracted out of medical aid schemes.  You are required to submit the invoice to your medical aid for reimbursement.

Invoices are emailed within 2-3 days of the consultation by the practice administrator, Mrs. Maureen van Staden.

All relevant ICD diagnostic, treatment, and medication codes (NAPPI codes) are provided on each invoice.


We provide dispensary services on site and the appropriate medication is made up while you wait. Some medication may take time to prepare or may need to be ordered. Where possible, a day or two notice is advised.


To book an appointment, please contact Liz on our reception landline (011) 234 2099 or email

Practice Times

  • Monday to Friday 08h00-17h00
  • Saturdays 08h00-13h00


To order repeat prescriptions, please contact Liz at reception or email Dr Gunter directly.

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