Fertility Program

Dr. Gunter has helped many women successfully conceive in the last 8 years. Having a thorough understanding of the reproductive process, several key elements are crucial to meet and Dr. Gunter uses natural techniques, treatments, and medicines to achieve this.

The fertility program is tailored to each individual and begins with diagnostic tests. Once the problems have been ascertained, Dr. Gunter will assess your suitability as a candidate for the treatment program.

Treatment follows a set program for a duration of 7 months, beginning with detoxification protocols and 6 months of natural hormonal and fertility treatment.

Results depend on the starting underlying condition of health, age, and a few other factors. Dr. Gunter focuses on treating the underlying cause of the problem and restoring balance and natural function to the organ systems.

For more information on the program structure please email: info@thehomeopathicdoctor.co.za