DSTV Services

DSTV installation and repair in Gauteng

Our DSTV specialist in Gauteng support offer you a wide range of intervention packages

our services are to install your antenna and decoder (s) at home, or to perform a simple adjustment of your antenna, or a connection between your various audio-visual devices, or simply to have troubleshooting for an unknown problem related to your installation.

How to take advantage of our expert?

  • New DStv installation services in Gauteng.
  • Realignment of satellite dishes.
  • Relocation of DStv services. This is a reliable service that we offer with a reasonable call out fee attached.
  • Correction of bad signal and distribution of High Definition to additional points (HDMI).
  • DSTV service conversions and upgrades (to both system and equipment) from SD to HD Explora.
  • Multiple TV point setup to create a home DSTV network.
  • HD blasting which is where we cable the entire premises for HD signals.
  • Earth satellite dishes for safety during lightening.
  • Advise on the various DSTV services and packages that are on offer. 

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